Links to local information and services

Below we’ve provided some useful website links for you to access community information and services in the local area. If you spot and error, or would like to suggest an service to add to this page please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Council Links

Somerset Council

NALC (National Association for Local Councils)|

Refuse and recycling

Mells, Vobster & local area

Firstgroup (buses)


Mells Village Shop

Mobile Advice Service from Mendip Citizens Advice Bureau


Frome Towntalk

Frome Festival

Jobcentre Near Me

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Our Priorities

Mells Parish Council’s priority is to administer with prudence, minimum interference and within the requirements of the law those aspects of village life for which we are responsible to the best of our ability, with the aim of improving quality of life for all the residents of Mells and Vobster.